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Why MeetCheap?

and Redundancy

By owning our own data center this cuts out and eliminates any third party technology and support. We can guarantee 100% redundancy and operations without delay and failures. While always having our team of technical engineers on hand. We know you will be in great hands.

Ready to broadcast
in less than 5 minutes

A true point and click web conferencing platform. We have eliminated downloads and all installs, making this system user friendly and super quick from start up to attendees joining your live video broadcast call. With a simple interface, video tutorials and fantastic support, we know you will enjoy your web conferencing experience.


One of the most important things that separates us from any competition is that we include over 30 top features and functions. Designed for you to run a very impressive live broadcast call. From streaming video, desk top sharing, file sharing we have all aspects covered. Giving your audience the wow factor to any live presentation.

Unlimited usage

All active and current paid accounts, can host and run unlimited amount of live broadcast calls. Run your live broadcast for a 24 hour marathon for as many days as you like. It’s ok! All of our conferencing packages come with unlimited usage and the ability to live stream to Facebook, increasing your attendees and engagement!

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Product Features

We give all affiliates a complete marketing kit to help get you into profits fast. It's fun, easy and highly profitable.


We pay residual commissions for each new paid customer. You will collect residual commissions for as long as your sale stays an active client of ours. You will also collect commissions based on sales from your direct sales.

Turnkey marketing

We offer the best turnkey marketing platform in the industry. All affiliate marketing material updates are included.


100’s of banners and affiliate linked Landing pages/web site. (All hosted by us in our privately owned data center)


A complete marketing follow up system is included. Allowing you to collect leads/subscribers through many of our sponsored landing pages. Helping you to build your list of mailing subscribers and to make those important sales for residual commissions. (All hosted by us in our privately owned data center).

The Best Opportunity and Compensation Plan In The Industry!

MeetCheap gives you the opportunity to earn residual monthly commissions on any paid client you refer into our conferencing program. We allow our affiliates to achieve the highest levels of payments very quickly!


To put money in your pocket fast! We pay 50% commission on the first month from all your new paid direct sales. Direct sales come from your affiliate URLs.

QUICK START BONUS is calculated for all the packages listed on the site.


Every month (starting from the second month of membership) you get 5% from all the payments of your direct referrals + 5% from the sales of your direct referrals.

MATCHING CHECK BONUS is calculated for all the packages listed on the site.


For every 5 paid direct referrals you bring into MeetCheap within a calendar week you receive an additional one time bonus of $100. Bring in 10 in a week and receive $200, 15 and you receive $300, etc. Please note WEEKLY BONUS is calculated when your direct referral’s first payment higher than $1.00 (after trial period) gets processed successfully.


Collect a $500 Monthly Bonus every month on top of your regular commissions for every 100 paid clients you bring into MeetCheap over any period of time.

Please note MONTHLY BONUS is calculated for monthly subscriptions only. If someone pays for the year up front then regular commissions will apply.

Any paid direct sales (direct referral) you will collect a 20% matching check commission on their total sales. Example: If one of your direct sale (direct referrals) accumulates $2000 in downline commissions, you will collect an extra $400 in that month on top of your regular commissions.

* The Compensation Plan is only Available to those who have a 100 Seat Room or Higher


Bring just 2 people to be qualified
for commissions payout!


Bring more people and get paid
from all 10 levels!

Business Positions and pricing are subject to change and increase during Public Launch!

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30 day money back guarantee


We’re so completely certain MeetCheap will help your online business that we’re offering an unconditional, No Questions Asked, 30 day, Money Back Guarantee.

If for whatever reason MeetCheap does not satisfy you in any way, just send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll be happy to refund you immediately.

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, during the first 30 days you can get your money back by simply contacting us, no questions asked.

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